Fluorescent pink Floppy Spike on its side showing the spikes forward.
Fluorescent pink Floppy Spike on its side showing the spikes forward.
Fluorescent pink Floppy Spike flying disc on its side showing the bottom.
About Us
Old news article clipping of Floppy Spike flying disc inventor Scotty Ziegler showing original Frisbee-like product.


Who makes these crazy looking things, you ask? Well, keep reading to find out more about our journey that is over 20 years in the making!

Floppy Spike™ is a Family owned and operated business out of San Diego, California. We are committed to producing a high-quality flying disc that is made in the USA and is safe for both pets and children. Our largest driving force is seeing how people and pups alike, fall in love with our product!

Floppy Spike™ doesn't just look fun, it is the innovative soft, yet rugged Frisbee-like toy you've been waiting for! Now go out there and #GetSpiked!

Our Story

More than 20 years ago, famed artist Scotty Ziegler took his invention, wife, and two little daughters to the Del Mar fairgrounds in San Diego, CA for one hot summer of selling Floppy Spikes™. The product was an instant hit with kids. Scotty and company spent that month chasing flying Spikes through crowds of fairgoers. Floppy Spike™ was a huge success.

The mold was eventually retired as Scotty moved on to other projects in the toy arena. Out of sight, but never forgotten, the innovative design was tucked away, waiting for its next opportunity.

Their daughter, Ariel, now CEO of Floppy Spike Inc., recalls giving them away to her 5th grade class.

"To this day, there are old classmates that  i run into from time to time that tell me how they still have and love their original Floppy Spikes."

Old picture of Floppy Spike flying disc inventor Scotty Ziegler’s booth at Del Mar fairgrounds.
Floppy Spike mascot, Fynn, blue-eyed Old English Sheep dog holding fluorescent pink Floppy Spike flying disc.

This sparked the idea that maybe one day they would fly again. Decades later, the Ziegler's Old English Sheepdog, Fynn, got his first chance to play with an original Floppy Spike™. He lost his mind! He loved it! Immediately, Ariel began hunting for the original mold. After an exhaustive search, it was finally recovered, and so it all began.

Today, Floppy Spikes™ are made in the USA with the same magic that made them soar over 20 years ago. We hope you and your family will love playing with the one and only Floppy Spike™ as much as we do!


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