Who is Fynn?

Now the official Floppy Spike™ mascot, Fynn is actually one of the main reasons we decided to bring the Floppy Spike™ back to life. Here's a little intro as to how he entered the Floppy Spike™ family:

Fynn is the Ziegler family's Old English Sheepdog. Inventor Scotty and his daughter Ariel, now CEO of Floppy Spike Inc., both unknowingly dreamt of having an Old English Sheepdog. One night, while over for dinner at her parents' house, Ariel spoke about her dream dog when they all quickly realized the coincidence. In the following days, they fell in love with the perfect "panda butt" and decided to get the puppy together. Fynn was born on October 5th, 2015 and once brought into the family, he quickly stole their hearts. Living close and working together has allowed Fynn to be a joint responsibility as well as an integral part of family and work life. He is the happiest, most loving and energetic wiggle-butt. We hope you enjoy getting to know and love him as much as we do!

Floppy Spike mascot, Fynn, blue-eyed Old English Sheep dog puppy on tile, tangled in purple leash.
Floppy Spike mascot, Fynn, blue-eyed Old English Sheep dog sitting, holding fluorescent green Floppy Spike.

How Fynn Inspired Us!

If you read Our Story, you know that the Floppy Spike™ itself originated more than 20 years ago with famed artist and inventor, Scotty Ziegler, as a children's toy. So what does that have to do with Fynn you might ask? Well, when we let Fynn play with some of the original spikes at work, we were quickly taken aback by how much he truly loved and favored them! Once he realized it was soft and easy to grab off of the floor, in the air, and out of pretty much any container, we couldn't keep them away from him! Of course we are a bit biased toward the toy we created, but once we saw that Fynn was too, we knew what we had to do! Immediately, we decided to bring the Floppy Spike™ back into the world again!

We all know from experience that stores are filled with endless options of toys, yet they all seem to blend together. Floppy Spike™, with its bright colors and unique shape, certainly stands out to us, but Fynn proved that it stands out to our furry friends as well! We know Fynn can't stay away from his Floppy Spike™, and we hope you and your family agree! #GetSpiked and show us what you think!


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